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Spring Renewal Lotus Bath Meditation

April 1st, 2016 at 8:27 am

April 1, 2016

Sea salt baths have been my personal refuge for many years; I found them to be one consistent way of unplugging from the energies of others and helping my body to relax after a long day.  I began using inexpensive bulk sea salt from the grocery or health food store in a hot bath at night along with burning a candle and some incense as a simple ritual to help with incorporating meditation into my daily life. Sea salt baths were also a part of my preparation for ritual at the New or Full Moon. I found that the water was very soothing and of course reminded me of how relaxed you feel after swimming in the ocean. Soon I realized that the bath itself was the ritual and I got into much deeper levels of meditation by just staying in the water rather than jumping out of the tub to go through a bunch of orchestration and preparation to have a spiritual experience. I found that for me the results were the same if I just allowed myself the quiet time and really let the salt do its work at clearing my energy along with relaxing my body.

I discovered that a triple salt bath consisting of sea salt, baking soda and Epsom salts really would clear my aura and made me feel energetically lighter. As a very empathic person as I am sure many of you are, I found that I needed to clear other people’s energies out so I didn’t continue to carry their issues with me. The triple salt baths work as the different salts strengthen each other and I still take them frequently to help me with clearing before and/or after doing readings and energy work for clients. I have experimented with many different types of salt and will share more of my research and results with you in future blogs. This awesome meditation was given to me by my guides during a ritual bath I took on the Spring Equinox a couple of years back. It is a very effective method of clearing and balancing your chakras for personal healing and rejuvenation. Try it for your personal spring cleaning!

Spring Renewal Lotus Bath Meditation

Draw a bath and add the salts of your choice. Relax in your sea salt bath as you breathe deeply and let your eyes close and your body unwind. Feel yourself surrounded by the energy of the ocean as you bathe in the warm water and relaxation slowly spreads throughout your body. Feel your muscles unclench as you visualize a green meadow surrounded by trees with a small creek running through it. As you follow the creek see that it ends at a pond that contains lotuses or water lilies. Sit down on the big rock next to the pond and visualize that the soles of your bare feet are flat upon the warm earth. See and focus on the many petals of the lotus in front of you, suddenly you feel submerged in the pond. Feel the deep root of the lotus extending from the base of your spine down into the earth below the water. See how that delicate water flower draws its nurturance and beauty from deep within the Earth. Know that your lotus in front of you holds all the keys to unfolding the innate wisdom of the Earth and your Spirit as you tune into the gentle vibrations that are subtlety flowing through your body now as you become more and more relaxed. Breathe in the lotus’s energy and feel yourself fill up with the wisdom of the Earth, exhale any anxiety or tension. Visualize the lotus in front of your root chakra at the base of your spine; this is your center of survival which affects our health and prosperity. As you place the lotus in front of your body visualize that there is a deep root extending from the base of your spine and reaching all the way down to the center of the planet. Use this root as a cord to connect you to the center of the Earth as you release all the energy of the people around you and all the situations in your life and thoughts in your mind. Allow the root to become as wide as your body as you release your worries and concerns, washing away judgments and fears along with all the energy of other people that you hold in your space. See your root chakra as a circle of light and let it gradually transmute to the shape of a many petaled lotus that fills up with a radiant ruby red light as you place your attention on clearing and balancing your survival center and release all fears and negativity. Allow any undesirable energy being released to go right down that root and release back into the earth.

Take a deep breath in and out, and place a lotus at the 2nd chakra, located right below your naval. This is our center of emotions, family patterns and sexuality. It rules appetites and addictions too. See this energy center filling up with a deep orange color as you visualize it taking on the lotus shape while breathing in serenity and exhaling any excess energy or anxiety held in this area of the body. Continue to release negative thoughts and stuck emotions that come up out through the deep root extending from the base of your spine.

The 3rd chakra is located at the stomach area, about 3-4” above the naval and between the ribcage, this is your center of power and life force. Breathe pure yellow energy into this center as you visualize a lotus there; see this lotus fill up with clear yellow light. Let go of any energy attachments or control from others that may come to mind, releasing them down your root as you fill your center of power with pure golden yellow light. Feel your own neutral energy filling this center as you clean and clear all other people’s energies away.

A lotus appears in front of your heart center now; fill your 4th chakra with pure green light. Allow your center of Love and affinity to fill with emerald light, unconditional love for yourself and healing. Release sorrow and grief down your root at the base of the spine. Allow the green to lighten a bit and let some pink light in as you see the lotus petals at your heart center filled with pink and green light softly colored like watermelon tourmaline. These colors and energies will help to clear and balance your heart center.

The 5th chakra is located at the base of the throat; see the lotus appear there as that energy center fills with the pure blue light. See this lotus filled with sapphire blue light as it clears your center of communication and creativity. Release unexpressed emotions down your root and bring in clarity and truth. Continue to breathe deeply and allow the colors and lotus energies to infuse the centers you have cleared so far.

Moving your attention up to the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye in-between your eyebrows, see a lotus appear in front of your center of clairvoyance and knowingness. Fill this sacred lotus with indigo colored light as you breathe out uncertainty and breathe in information and understanding. Continue to release through your deep root into the water as you cleanse, clear and open your center of spiritual wisdom and information.

The 7th or crown chakra at the top of your head is your connection to the Divine. See the lotus that now sits upon the crown of your head as it fills with pure violet light. Watch as the many petals unfold and see this energy center being cleared as you remove any old thought patterns that make you doubt your connection to the Creator. Allow your crown to be cleansed and cleared as you fill up with the pure light of the Sun filling in all the places where energy has been released as you have worked with your lotuses to clear your energy body. Breathe in the sacred lotus energy and the wisdom of the ages to clear the edges of your aura surrounding your body, when you feel you have completed this lotus clearing, sit for a moment and allow the lotus at each chakra to fill with light. Breathe deeply, feel the relaxation throughout your body and pay close attention to any thoughts now brought to you as you behold your glowing energy centers. Feel the water that surrounds you cleansing and clearing your field. You may sense your guides or visualize that you are being given a gift, don’t try to make sense of it, just experience and remain neutral about what you hear or receive now.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and allow the water in the tub to begin to run down the drain. As you thank your guides for working with you, see those beautiful flowers and colors vibrating within your aura. Stand up and rinse off with clear warm water from the shower, shake off any excess energy as you bring your attention back in to the room. Feel clear and refreshed from your sea salt bath and lotus meditation. Drink a big glass of fresh water and rest for a half hour or so after your meditation and bath. Keep your journal handy to record any thoughts or visions that you received during your experience. I hope you enjoy this meditation. Happy Spring!

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