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The first time I spoke with Susan was many years ago and over the years since she has shared with me many insights. The most significant were about my daughter. When I first began my relationship with her father Susan, during a reading, asked to speak to both of us at the same time.. She then told us that a spirit wanted to become our child and if we did not want to have a child we should use protection. After 17 years of marriage and no protection I never became pregnant. At age 41 I was divorced and a year later I met her father. Well at 43, using protection always, I became pregnant. My biggest blessing was and always will be my daughter. When I was 6 months pregnant I had another reading with Susan and at one point she stopped and grabbed her neck and said that my daughter would have some breathing difficulty, asthma possibly. My daughter was born with the cord around her neck three times. She also shared that my daughter would be a great reader. She began reading at 4 and now reads at a very high level. Last year I had another reading that helped me reach understanding and peace. Each time I have had a reading done by Susan, she has been on target and the things she conveys come to pass. During my last reading she encouraged me many times to visit and communicate with my father, which I did and I am thankful because he passed in April.
During the last 13 years Susan has helped me many times with her insight and I thank her. She has a gift and it is a blessing to all that she shares it with us.

I have consulted Susan for quite some time and I always request to contact my father in spirit. Susan indicated that she rarely does this anymore, but she is so accurate about the current situation.
I had a friend whom I found out had passed and Susan was able to contact him with uncanny accuracy and information. It really helped me to understand that man more. He had committed suicide and she knew it had been violent in nature. I gave no indication to her how he had ended his life. She was able to recount what was happening in his life and why he chose the route he did. I also found out he was not totally honest with me about his past and she was able to reassure me that he was sorry for his behaviour. The news of his passing was devastating to me and Susan was able to bring the situation into perspective.
If you want an honest, insightful reading, contact her and she will always tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear. LC Canada

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I first chatted with Susan in 2002, online and found her to be highly astute, enlightened, compassionate, non-judgemental, and skilled.  She is full of positivity and has gone above and beyond to help me through some dark and confusing times.  She is a great listener and has a deep understanding of the human psychy and of the role that spirituality plays in our lives.  She has been helpful in teaching me the role that the information she has given me has played I my life and how to apply what I learn.  She is gracious with her pricing and I have found her to be kind and loving in every way.  She has always been down to earth and straight forward with me & I appreciate her honesty.  I see kindness in her & she makes me smile.  Her skill and insight is highly recommended and worth your time.  Thankyou ! 



I'm not sure what to write, my experiences have all been positive, even when the news isn't what I hoped for. I keep coming back to Susan Selene not only because of her accuracy but because she doesn't give me false hope. After my first experience with her I never feel like I need her as a crutch because I know I can have confidence in what she's told me and don't need to come back and have her "check again." Her timing have been spot on with the questions about my career and personal life. If I'm asking about a particular person I'm dating/talking to, she won't tell me there is potential unless its really there. When there really isn't, she lets me down tactfully (hehee). She's understanding and through. I absolutely love getting readings done by her.

Thanks again,
Cindy Leng

My 1st reading from Susan was in 1994. She was working for a local newspaper and doing readings part time. She then started doing a radio show and began doing readings full time.
I would check in with her once a year and have my "Annual Reading."  I have kept my audio tapes and now e-mails of the readings over the years.
 Most memorable for me are the ones done in 2009 and 2010 when I was selling my home in Chico, CA and buying a home in Scottsdale, AZ. Susan was exact to the very day we would receive an offer to Buy our home in Chico. She described the conditions attached to the offer and described the woman who would be making the offer.My husband and I were Prepared and Ready when the offer came through. WOW! It doesn't get better than that... oh, wait...Then we decided to purchase a home in Scottsdale Arizona. The 1st home we made an offer on I consulted Susan. Susan said the home previously had mold but felt it was presently inactive. When my husband and I had the home inspected we asked the inspector (a building contractor) to carefully inspect especially for mold. After 1 1/2 hours I heard, "Found It."  The inspector had found mold behind a board under the bathroom sink. I decided to back out of buying the home. I didn't care whether the mold was active or not. A few weeks later, we found a home in the same neighborhood and in better condition. The purchase of this home went smoothly and it is where we presently live (love it).
OK, there was the time in 2003 when I wanted to go to England where a "promising surgical procedure" was being done for a medical condition I had. Susan felt the surgical procedure would be wasted money. I took her suggestion and had a regular surgery in the States that successfully took care of my medical problem. I am fortunate that the surgery turned out well.
In 2001 was a time I was single and lonely and was considering going to Australia to live with my relatives. Susan felt I would end up spending a lot of time alone so I didn't go. Good thing, I met my husband 6 months later in California.
Of course there was the time in 1998 when I wasn't listening and dated a man whom to this day i wish I had never Dated. Susan said, "Dating this guy would be like raising a child."  I wish I had listened.

Sandy Finkle-Scottsdale, AZ

I've always done email readings with Selene, my personal preference is to give a reader as much time as she needs no matter how anxious I get. I am most concerned with accuracy above all. I've done 2 so far with Selene and have saved them to reference back to. The first one I asked long term questions, so it's taken me a while to get around to a testimonial. I had asked about weather I'd be able to purchase a house this year. She said closer to the end of the year, probably summer. I got an offer accepted not too long after, so I was a bit disappointed. I didn't know, because its my first house, that this process takes a while. We are now into summer and my realtor called with news that she has started pushing everyone involved and should be closing soon (wow).
In the beginning of May, my second reading, I found out that my temp position was ending and that I needed to leave the following week. Staying as calm and positive as I could, but not being naive, I asked her about a new position after this one. She said according to my birth charts, it looks like I'd get a job on a June 1st most likely, and that I need to go with my intuition. I had 2 interviews at 10 a.m. on that day, my intuition told me which to cancel. I went in, came home, prayed, took a nap; because frankly waking up to a rejection, is better than pacing the floor, and then getting a rejection. About half an hour after my nap, I get the call. Oh my goodness!! I've told at least 3 of my friends about her, I hope they'll stop being silly and go to her site.

Cindy L.-Orlando, FL

I began consulting Selene on the Psychicweb and she was able to channel my father and it sounded just like him. She also predicted my stepmother’s illness and subsequent death. I am still in awe over that one as I thought it was my elderly aunt. It wasn’t and she didn’t pass on until later.

Selene also suggested I walk away from this man I was friends with. I thought he was more, but apparently not. He left town and I have never heard from him since!

I am glad I found Selene/Susan again.

LC Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your incredible insight.  You couldn't have been more accurate.  Thank you for the care and compassion you put into your reading.  I will be contacting you soon for some other issues I would like clarification on.  You have been a tremendous help to me regarding my love life.  Thank you!

I have known Susan Selene since 2002. She is the most accurate psychic I have known and great stress reliever about my future about my health and my finances.

Mike Taylor-Sparks, NV
A few years ago I went to at the time the website psychicweb. I had had a lot of readings all were sugar-coated. I then was able to ask Ms. Selene one question about an ex. She was the only one to ever be honest. She said "I know you're most likely not going to listen to me but you need to walk away from him." I ignored her due to my wanting the other readings to be true. Well she was true to the bone and 100% correct. I finally found her again, and it has been a blessing for me. She is always honest even if its not what you want to hear, BUT truth is what is given. She is exceptional in her gift and I pray that I will always have her to guide me with her truth. Thank you soooooo much Selene. U R THE BEST!!!!.
YNC-New York
Susan has been doing readings for me since about 1995, and she has been amazing. She goes beyond the usual reading to offer counsel, guidance and support. She does her readings in a “real world” style, using language that you can take and use. She has a talent for condensing difficult situations into simple solutions and/or helpful insights. Her readings have been “right on,” extremely accurate. Susan will tell you the bad along with the good, providing insight on all sides of the situation with which you need help. I have recommended her to a number of people and all have been both impressed and satisfied. I have had readings done by other people, and have yet to find anyone comparable. Over the years, I know that Susan has been expanding her knowledge base and refining her innate talents/gifts which has greatly increased the scope and depth of her readings. Thank you, Susan! You’re the best! …. 

Mary B.-Butte Valley, CA
Selene is the best. I have been working with her about 2 years now…through a horrible divorce and a confusing new relationship….problems with money….problems with kids…etc. No matter what the issue I always know who to turn to. I don’t know where I would be today without her.   Her expertise in astrology and her intuitive psychic abilities are outstanding. Selene is compassionate and caring and has become a true friend.
T. H.-New Jersey
Selene is a wonderful person with a special gift. She has used  her gift to help me during some very diffcult times in my life. She gives me an understanding as to why its happening and comfort to know the outcome....good or bad . She has not told me anything that hasn't come true.If you really want an answer to a situation in your life, ask Selene, she can help you like she has helped me for the past few years.
 Terri M.-Michigan
I have been guided by Selene’s insight since 2001. Prior to meeting her I had tried other astrologers and clairvoyants and I can say she is the most accurate I have ever encountered. She has been able to guide me on some serious decisions and I am so glad I had the advance knowledge of when to move ahead fully or back off and be careful. There have been times I would swear she was going through my trash because there is no one who knew what I was dealing with, not even my closest friend. Talk about getting goose bumps!! I would and have recommended her to my friends and anyone seeking guidance in any area of your life. Be ready to hear the truth because she will give you the message as it is whether you like the answer or not. NAMASTE.
Spring Valley, CA
Hello~ I wish I had kept all the notes, cards, letters and emails I've received over the years. I would love to add your testimonial too. My clients mean so much to me. I am so grateful to be able to do this work and help others. If you have some insight to share about my services or your experiences with me, please send it to me and I will be happy to add your words here.
Love and Blessings,